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TDM Pre-Insulated Aluminium Duct


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As a professional manufacturer of thermal insulation materials, Prudential always takes the “Save Energy, Safe Environment ” as the mission of our sustainable development. Product quality is our core-competitiveness. Our products are energy-saving and environment-friendly. TDM Pre-insulated Aluminium PIR(POLYISOCYANURATE) Air-cond duct is a new generation duct, which is ideal for specifications where space or weight is restricted, compare with traditional galvanized iron ductwork, Pre-insulated Duct have offers a high performance , lightweight ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process.

TDM Pre-insulated Aluminium Duct consist of  20mm thickness good fire retardant rigid polyisocyanurate ( PIR) Foam insulation faced on both sides with 80 micron aluminium foil, the aluminium guarantees sturdiness and withstand corrosion in long term use.

TDM Pre-insulated Aluminium Duct is considered A GREEN PRODUCT MATERIAL

Product Advantages
  • Better thermal insulation
  • Fire Safety
  • Air Quality and Hygiene
  • Easy to construct and modify
  • Energy saving and efficient
  • Low Labour cost

Duct Accessories & Tools

Automatic pre-insulated duct cutting machine

Our pre insulated duct cutter is fully automatic and ECO Fast CNC machine, CNC PID fabrication cutting Machines are manufactured with the latest technologies. They cut straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation.
With our simple and smooth operating system, the complex graphics and product can be easily, precisely, and rapidly cut and produced. All polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels can be nested to maximise sheet usage and reduce material cost.
Advanced automatic computing capabilities and automation technologies eliminate the traditional labour-intensive work required to produce air duct panels, and no longer need to manually mark, create templates, or use Hand-held tool for cutting.
The duct cutter permits to obtain finished pieces for ducts in pre-insulated; no more hand operations and bending , the pieces obtained are ready to be glued. The standard machine is completed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product.